Wooster City School District Diversity Task Force

The Wooster Board of Education Task Force was formed by the Wooster Board of Education in response to concerns raised in a conversation with representatives from the Wooster/Orrville NAACP. At the time, their major concern was the lack of diverse representation in the faculty at the high school. After several conversations it was decided that the same concern could be applied to the entire school system.

 On May 25, 2017 the Board of Education created the Diversity Task Force and assigned it three primary objectives.

#1 RECRUITMENT & HIRING: Advance strategies to improve employment diversity, equity and inclusion in the school system, with particular attention to areas of deficiency as determined by the analysis of data.

#2 CURRICULUM: Provide the Board of Education with advice and recommendations of possible programs to expand diversity of the written and taught curricula throughout the school system.

#3 SCHOOL CLIMATE: Encourage sensitivity to diversity and offer implicit bias training for employees and students.