How we recognize our armed services:

Every year during our Awards Ceremony and during Commencement we take a moment to recognize all current military service members - along with veterans who have served our country.

On Veterans Day we hold a special event at Edgewood Middle School honoring all those who serve or who have served in the armed forces.

Annually the History Club conducts a fund raiser - selling Buddy Poppies and donates the assets to our Local VFW.

Wooster City Schools is currently working on a memorial that will recognize all Veterans who have graduated or who has been employed by WCS.

We partner with Ohio National Guard Family Readiness and Warrior Support Group.

Every May we invite Veterans (some from WW2) to visit our classrooms and speak with the students.

The History Club has partnered with Honors Flight - a non-profit organization dedicated to providing veterans with honor and closure.


* A special thanks to:

Mrs. Beeman (Leads the Edgewood Veterans Day Program)

Mrs. Bisesi (Advisor to our HIstory Club and lead on WCS Veteran Memorial) 


Resources for Military Families:  - Verizon Wireless discounts for military and veteran families  - 24 hour live homework hotline for grades 4-12. Free for Military Connected Youth - Offers test preparation courses, practice questions to help prepare for standardized tests. - National compact addressing transitional issues military families face in education. - Provides grants to children of deployed service members. Available for ages 3-18 for sports, tutoring and fine arts. - Helps military related kids transition from high school to college, or to the workplace. - Provides Military Families with Free Non-medical counseling up to 12 sessions and other valuable resources.