Registration Process**

To begin, please click on the "begin registration process" at the bottom of the page. You will be instructed to create a login and password which allows you to begin the process, save your information and return at a later date for completion or changes (if necessary).  If you already have students attending Wooster City Schools and have created an account using Final Forms,  your existing email and password can be used to add a new student. 


**If you are interested in our Generals' Online Academy for the 2021-2022 school year, and you live outside of the Wooster City School District, you must first submit an Inter-District Open Enrollment form and have it approved, before you can continue. Please start that process here.


Step 1: Complete the online enrollment application.

Step 2: Once you have completed your online enrollment application, you will need to contact one of the following listed below to schedule an appointment to turn in your documentation and complete the registration process. An appointment must be scheduled to enroll your child. Enrollment will not be completed until all documemtation is turned in. 


                                        Grade 8-12   Wooster High School, 515 Oldman Rd.                           Randi Raffa (330)988-1111 *3106

                                        Grade 5-7     Edgewood Middle School, 2695 Graustark Path         Lori Niro (330)988-1111 *7167

                                        Grade K-4    Elementary Registration, 144 N Market St.                  Jill Rubino (330)988-1111 *1241


Step 3: Bring all required documentation to your scheduled appointment:


Checklist of required documents for registration appointment:

1.  Proof of Residency:

·      Utility bill for 2 consecutive months (gas, water, electric)

·      Mortgage statement/property tax statement

·      Deed

·      Signed rental agreement

·      Voter registration card

2.  Original Birth Certificate or Original Passport

        A.    An original birth certificate, or

        B.    An original passport (if U.S. passport, must provide original birth certificate)


3.  Photo ID for custodial parent/guardian

4.  Immunization Records

5.  Divorce/custody documentation (if applicable) – must be court signed and date/time stamped.

       A.  Final divorce decree which may include shared parenting plan, naming specific parent as the residential parent/school placement parent.

       B.  Temporary order naming specific custodian/guardian

       C.  Grandparent Power of Attorney

       D.  Military Power of Attorney


7.  Current IEP (If applicable)

*Individual Education Plan, ETR-Evaluation Team Report, MFE, or 504 Plan

8.  Homeschooled students - If your child was homeschooled during the previous school year and not a resident of Wooster, please provide a copy of the letter which released your child from compulsory education.