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Inspiring World Class Academic Achievement

Inspiring World Class Academic Achievement

The Wooster City School District is the largest school system in the Tri-County (Ashland, Holmes, Wayne) area.  Our nearly 4,000 students live in an economically diverse community where the community is dedicated to ensuring that each and every student achieves success.  The school district, located in the heart of Wayne County, is an innovative school district that consists of one preschool, four K-4 elementary schools, an intermediate grades 5-7 school, and our nationally recognized high school that serves grades 8-12.

Wooster High School is home to many College Board Advanced Placement (AP) courses, the General’s Academy (digital, blended learning environment) and our Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) program, Project Lead The Way.  A more complete review of Wooster High School can be found here.
Our technologically rich educational environments are driven by the Ohio Improvement Process (OIP). This school improvement model has been regionally recognized and nationally published. For more information on our school district, please see our District Profile or contact us at: 330.988.1111 or info@woostercityschools.org.
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