Business Advisory Council

The Wooster City Schools also partners with the Business Advisory Council (BAC) which is a committee of Wooster area experienced business and professional people who serve as a resource to the Wooster City School System. The Council consists of 25-35 business or professional executives. In addition, senior level administrators from the Central Office of the Wooster City Schools and School Board members serve as ex-officio members of the Business Advisory Council.

The Wooster City School District formed a Business Advisory County (BAC) in 1990.  Mr. Michael Steiner was the first Chair to organize the mission and vision of the BAC. After a successful bond levy was passed by the BAC and the "Shape Their Future" campaign in November 1991, a new high school was constructed and opened in September 1994.


Mr. Richard Seaman continued the strong leadership left by Mr. Steiner and assumed the role of Chair in the summer of 1991.  Sixteen years later (2007), Mr. Scott Allen assumed the Chairmanship.  Today, the BAC oversees four committees:

  • Communication (Christine Nolletti/Michael Tefs)
  • Finance (Dr. John Cook/Bonnie West)
  • Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC) (Rik Goodright/Michael Tefs)
  • Safety and Security (Mr. Thomas Maurer/Michael Tefs)


BOE Policy 9141- Business Advisory Council

BOE Policy 9142 - Membership and Responsibilities of the Wooster City Schools Business Advisory Council

Tri-County Educational Service Center Business Advisory Council Consortium


2018- 2019  Business Advisory Council

Scott Allen, Chair


Communications Committee

Finance Strategy Committee

Ohio Facilities Communication Commisssion (OFCC) Committee

Safety and Security Committee