Transportation Busing Registration


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2015-16  Elementary Boundaries




Two Tier Busing

Tier  Building/Grade Level
1 Wooster High School (Grades 8-12)
1 Edgewood Middle School (Grade 7)
2 Edgewood Middle School (Grade 5/6)
2 Elementary Schools (K-4)


New Start and End Times for ALL Schools


AM Start

PM End

Wooster High School (Grades 8-12)

8:05 am

2:48 pm

Edgewood Middle School (Grade 7)

8:00 am

2:43 pm

Edgewood Middle School (Grades 5-6)

8:45 am

3:35 pm

All Elementary Schools (Grades K-4)

8:55 am

3:45 pm

Littlest Generals Preschool (Ages 3-4)

8:30 to 11:40 am

12:35 to 3:45 pm


Walk zones have been reduced - (Click Map Links Located At Right

To View New Walk Areas)


Building Walk Zone
Wooster High School (Grades 8-12) 1 mile
Edgewood Middle School (Grades 5-7) .75 mile
Elementary Schools (Grades K-4) .75 mile




Click Here! Online Bus Registration Form

You Must Register Your Child For Busing If:


1.  Your child needs bused to or from an address other than your home address. Sitters often change,  therefore, all sitter information is deleted from prior year.

2.  Your child was not an everyday rider last year.

3.  Your child will be attending a before or after school program.

4.  You have moved or will be moving prior to the start of school.

5.  Your child is changing schools.

If your child was bused last year, but will not need busing this year, please let us know so we can update the student count for that particular bus route.

To Register:  Please choose one of the following options most convenient for you.  Registration for busing must be received no later than July 31st, 2015.


1. Print one of the 2015-16 registration forms located to the right, complete and fax to 330-264-2518, mail to or drop off at Wooster City Schools Board of Education Office at 144 N. Market St, Wooster, OH 44691 or e-mail to


2. Click on 2015-2016 Registration Link Below, complete your information and hit submit.  Your information will be electronically submitted to our office and your child registered for busing. Online Bus Registration Form

After August 10, 2015, you may use the Transfinder Online Bus Information Link (BELOW) to access your child's bus #, pick-up and/or drop off location and estimated bus times for the 2015-16 school year.  Busing information will also be posted at your child's school building.


Transfinder Online Bus Information Link


Transportation Department Contact Information:

Kurt Miller, Transportation Supervisor
1494 Old Mansfield Road
Wooster, Oh 44691
Telephone: 330-264-4060      Fax: 330-264-2518

Roberta Burr, Transportation Secretary


The Transportation Department and its employees are dedicated to the safety and well being of all children attending the Wooster City School District system. Each student is valuable to all of us and as such will be treated with respect and dignity. We have committed ourselves as the Transportation Department to ensure that each child be given a safe trip to school in the morning and a safe return home at the end of the day.


Did You Know Wooster City School District.........

Has 32 School Buses in Their Fleet,

Driving 158 Routes per Day,

Making 2290 Stops per Day

Driving a Total of 2055 Miles per Day

Or 369,900 Miles per Year



2015-2016 Busing
Transportation Form


Wooster High School                         1 Mile Walk Limit Map

Edgewood Middle School                  .75 Mile Walk Limit Map

Cornerstone Elementary School     .75 Mile Walk Limit Map

Kean Elementary School              .75 Mile Walk Limit Map

Melrose Elementary School              .75 Mile Walk Limit Map

Parkview Elementary School          .75 Mile Walk Limit Map

2014-15 AM & PM
Transfer Buses

WHS-EW-Afternoon Bus Line-up

Career Center Busing

2014 - 2015
Career Center Busing-When
Is Not In Session

2014 - 2015
St. Marys
Wooster Christian Busing

Transportation Guidelines

Transportation Board Policy

Bus Safety and Rules



Unloading the Bus at School

Loading the Bus

Leaving the Bus


Dropping Things Under the Bus

Teaching Cars What to Do

Behaving On the Bus

Approaching the Bus

Waiting for the Bus