Wooster Spanish Teacher Accepted to State Curriculum Team

(May 24, 2021) – The Ohio Department of Education’s Office of Learning and Instructional Strategies has selected Wooster High School Spanish teacher Denise Broda to be a part of the model curriculum writing committee. The work of writing curriculum was postponed due to the pandemic with the committee reconvening this June with hopes of being completed by the fall. 

Broda said her group will be creating units based on global themes that use authentic resources, including materials made by native speakers. “I am helping revise the model curriculum for World Languages as part of the Spanish group,” she said. “Within that group, we joined certain curriculum writing teams based on the American Council of the Teaching of Foreign Languages Proficiency Levels. I am working on the Intermediate Mid / Advanced Low curriculum, the highest level for high school.” 

The committee groups meet virtually, researching, collaborating and contributing to the three products they are producing. The curriculum units will include all modes of communication, including interpretive, interpersonal and presentational. For each unit, they will include an integrated performance assessment using authentic resources. Broda will also be in a group creating activities for the interpretive mode of communication for all levels. 

Broda, a graduate of Wooster High School and College of Wooster, credits her time working on her independent research-based degree from College of Wooster for preparing her for interest in the curriculum writing project. She also said her colleagues and peers have provided her with the necessary tools. 

“I am part of a wonderful team of Spanish teachers here in Wooster,” she added. “I've worked with some incredible educators from around Ohio, and I am honored to represent Wooster High School at the state level.”