Facilities Master Plan


The Wooster City School District Business Advisory Council (BAC) Master Planning Committee is working with the community to develop, and ultimately recommend, a Master Plan to the Board of Education. The Master Plan would detail and define the community's desired grade-level configurations of schools, school building size, and school location/address.

Master Planning Documents
Why A Master Facilities Plan?

Wooster is growing! The Master Plan will strategically accommodate this new growth within the school district. The following new housing units have been completed or are in various stages of development:

  • Wooster Lofts, 1958 Akron Road (61 units)
  • Mel Lane, Proposed (estimated 141 homes)
  • Burbank Road, Proposed (TBA)
  • 505 W. Larwill St. (est. 20 units)
  • Oak Hill Rd., Ryan Homes (90 units)

Total Estimated New Housing Units - 683 Units

Total Estimated New Students (1 unit = 1.4 students) (PER CENSUS ESTIMATE DATA)


Facilities Master Planning Feedback Sessions

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