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Cornerstone Elementary School 

School Counselor Program Information


Who is the School Counselor?

Hello! We are excited to serve Cornerstone Elementary.  As School Counselors, we work with ALL students to develop problem solving skills/strategies, instill confidence, and encourage every child to discover their genius. We believe that every student deserves to feel safe and connected to our school. We look forward to getting to know your child as they continue their education at Cornerstone Elementary School! Please feel free to contact us at any point if you, or your child, need additional support.  



      Mrs. Kaley Egli       Mrs. Angela Reich Mrs. Melissa Wengerd


Counseling Services

The comprehensive school counseling program at Cornerstone Elementary School is designed within the framework of  the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) National Model. This model encourages a comprehensive and developmental counseling program that addresses the social/ emotional, career, and academic needs of every student.


The school counselor visits every classroom at least once a month for classroom lessons to discuss a variety of topics including: emotions, coping skills, conflict resolution, friendship, and more. These lessons address the academic, career, and social/ emotional domains. 


Small groups are offered for additional support throughout the year, based on the students' needs. Topics may include: new students, friendship skills, social skills, zones of regulation (emotional regulation), and more.

 School counselors also provide  individual support for students,  as needed.

Additional services include:

  • Consultation with parents and school staff

  • Coordination with outside agencies and therapists

  • Referrals for community services


Please visit our Wooster Way District page to learn more about our district’s Mental Health Services & Supports from a K-12 perspective.


How Are Students Referred To The School Counselor?

  • Students may request to speak with the counselor.
  • Parents are invited to contact the counselor to request additional support for their child, as needed.
  • A member of the school staff, including classroom teachers, may contact the counselor for additional support.



Mrs. Kaley Egli, M.Ed.

School Counselor

Phone: 330-988-1111  ext. 4321



Mrs. Angela Reich

School Counselor

Phone: 330-988-1111 ext. 4105



Mrs. Melissa Wengerd

School Counselor

Phone: 330-988-1111 ext. 3510