PE Waiver

Dear WHS Students and Parents,

Any student that has participated in interscholastic athletics, marching band or cheerleading for at least two (2) full seasons will be exempted from participation in physical education, if so desired. Students MUST complete the entire season(s) in which they have elected to participate.

Thus, a student who plays any combination of Wooster High School sports at any level - freshman, JV, or varsity or marching band or cheerleading for a total of two (2) seasons is exempt.

In the case of an exemption, the student would be excused from physical education classes, but his/her total number of credits for graduation would not change, therefore they would have to replace physical education with other academic electives or simply take physical education as an elective. The exemption would be noted on the student's official transcript.

In order to facilitate accurate scheduling and record keeping, we require each student to fill out an exemption form. Once both seasons are successfully completed, the student will obtain the verification signature from the Athletic Director and/or Band Director. At that time, the form will be reviewed with the appropriate guidance counselor and the waiver will be reflected on the student’s transcript. Additionally, this form will be kept with the student's cumulative folder.

Please contact Mrs. Mills, Guidance Secretary at 330-345-4000, ext. 3400, with any questions or concerns.

PE Waiver Form

*Physical Education Exemption

In January of 2007 the Ohio Legislature passed Senate Bill 311 Provision (L).
Sec. 3313.603 (L) reads,
Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this section, the board of education of each school district and the governing authority of each chartered nonpublic school may adopt a policy to excuse from the high school physical education requirement each student who, during high school, has participated in interscholastic athletics, marching band, or cheerleading for at least two full seasons. If the board or authority adopts such a policy, the board or authority shall not require the student to complete any physical education course as a condition to graduate. However, the student shall be required to complete one-half unit, consisting of at least sixty hours of instruction, in another course of study.
The Board of Education adopted policy 5460 in April of 2011 allowing
Wooster students to fulfill the State of Ohio Department of Education physical education requirement by completing two full seasons of participation in board-approved interscholastic athletics and/or marching band, including flag corps, and/or cheerleading. 
The waiver takes effect for the 2011-2012 school year.