ACT Student Identification Photo Information

As stated by the official ACT webpage, all students arriving to take a National ACT test, must present proper identification in order to be given admittance to test.  Here is a list of the following forms of identification that are acceptable:

Current official photo ID:  This can be a driver's license, a state-issued identification card.

ACT Student Identification Letter with Photo:  You MUST present this ACT student identification letter with photo if you do NOT have a current official photo ID.  Please note that once you affix the photo id, you must have it signed by a school official.  


In stating that you need to bring a valid photo id, you must also make certain that you bring:  printed copy of your ticket to the test center, #2 sharpened pencils with good erasers, a watch to pace yourself, permitted ACT calculator.

Do NOT bring:  textbooks, dictionaries, scratch paper, highlighters, colored pencils or pens, correction fluid, electronic devices*(other than your permitted calculator), reading materials, food/beverages, or tobacco.

*Prohibited electronic devices include your mobile phone, media player, IPad, headphones, camera.  DO NOT BRING THEM.