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The college admissions process should be an exciting time when students have the opportunity to take a close look at themselves, examine strengths and weaknesses, goals, interests and needs. As student look inward and take responsibility for decisions, students can find the college or university that is the best fit and learn a great deal about their values.

Students should know that there is no one perfect school. With over three thousand colleges and universities in the United States there are many schools where students will have wonderful learning experiences. It is our goal that each student will be able to find the most appropriate path in planning and pursuing post high school plans.

You will spend many hours in and around the college you chose to attend, so it is important to investigate the community, the opportunities, and the places you will call home for the next four years.

Colleges encourage prospective students to visit their campus and make it easy for you to visit any time of year. To observe the campus in action, the best time to schedule a visit is when school is in session (mid-August to mid-May). However, there may be other opportunities to visit during the summer or for an Open House. Summer visits are usually more leisurely. Open houses or other special event days cater to prospective students. These events usually offer immediate contact with admissions counselors, coaches, professors, and current students.

We know sometimes the college admissions process creates many issues for families. Students and parents may feel under pressure as decisions have to be made and applications are filled out. Please know that your counselor is available to help families during this time.