Success Stories

  • Emilee has been a member for 4 years. Her two sons enjoy jogging while she walks. She would definitely recommend the Gault to her friends for it's "convenient location and times."


  • Ron and his family have been members for many years. They signed up for the ability to run indoors when the weather is poor. They enjoy the Gault most because "it's an afforable, clean, and safe place to workout and socialize."


  • Betty and Ed have been members since 2002. "We would highly recommend the Gault for anyone, but especially those needing an affordable, monitored "quality walking surface" where people truly care and connect, with the added bonus of the Lift Zone Equipment."


  • Linda is 75 and has been working out at the Gault for 12 years! She uses the Track and the Lift Zone. She says that the fitness goals that she is most excited to accompish are "maintaining weight and to walk 5 miles daily."


  • Jo has been working out at the GRC for 7 months now. Before, she always felt tired and she was very inactive. Now she has been walking on the track and working out on the machines. Her goals for the future are to use the Gault to feel better and to be healthier.


  • Lynn is 76. Before coming to the Gault his legs felt weak and he found himself out of breath often. Since joining, he feels like he has much more endurance, which he has gained through walking, using the elliptical, and using the machines for an upper and lower workout. When asked what health and fitness goal he is excited to finish, he replied, " to walk 18 holes at the college golf course and to have 10 GRC Lap Challenge T-Shirts."


  • Tom started working out at the GRC in February of 2015. He says he used get out of breath and tire easily. After 7 months of cardio and weight training, we asked him how his new activity and fitness levels changed everyday life. He said, " I have more endurance and I weight 50 pounds less."  His next goal is to lose a total of 100 pounds and get in better shape!


**Some portions of video/pictures of webpage were taken prior to the COVID pandemic**