Important Info for Seniors- 2018

Class of 2018:  Here is a reminder regarding upcoming events.  

May 18:            Sr. Breakfast: 8:15; Sr. Give back Day: 9-11, Sr. Picnic: 11:15,  Class Meeting: 12

May 21:             Sr. Meeting at WCSCC for Career Center Students: 8:15

May 31:             Academic/Scholarship Awards:  This is a whole class event.  You will receive academic honors, honor cords, president's awards & scholarships at this event.  We would like all class members and their families to come and join us.  Class of 2018 will arrive at 6:30 pm to line up in the commons to march in together.  Please wear your graduation gown only to the presentation. We hope you have it marked on your calendar.

June 3:            Graduation Day- All graduates should meet in the gymnasium at 12:15 pm as we will practice at this time.   Once we complete practice, we will line up to march out to Follis Field.  No tickets are needed if outside.  If inclement weather, each graduate will have 6 tickets for the gym, which will be in their swag bag.  Should you need more, ask fellow classmates.  Listen to WQKT for the latest weather information.  The decision to bring it inside is generally made by 10:30 am.  

Congratulations to this outstanding Class!

Commencement FAQ's

Class of 2018 Questions Answered:

Q: When are senior finals?

A:  May 16 & 17

Q:When is the last day of school for seniors?

A: Senior's official last day is Friday, May 18 & it is mandatory.

Q: Exams are over, what are we going to do on that last day?

A:  May 18 is our Give Back to the Community & Graduation meeting.  

     Arrive at school at 8:00am for breakfast.  We will then head out into the community for some work.  It's a fun day for all & a wonderful way to give back.

     Dress accordingly.  Return to school for lunch and then a very important meeting regarding graduation.  In this meeting, we will give cap/gowns, tickets,  photo form from Marty's studio, & other graduation items.  

Q:  I'm a WCSCC student, do I need to attend this graduation meeting?

A:  No, we are coming to you.  A meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 21, at 8:15am to distribute the same items listed above.    

Q:  Do I need tickets for graduation?  What if I need more?  How will we know if it is inside or outside?

A:  Tickets are only necessary if graduation is held inside. Each graduate will be given 6 tickets at the graduation meetings at their respective locations.

      Should you need more tickets, connect with other classmates.  Should the weather be questionable the day of graduation, listen to WQKT.  No one is manning WHS phones.  

Q:  Why do I need to fill out this senior questionnaire?

A:  This questionnaire gives us information used in the commencement program & Dr. Tefs' commencement address.  Please note that when you list  scholarship monies, it is only used in a total for the class, the amount per student is never published.  The questionnaire also gives us another check on where you are attending college.  

Q:  Do I need to do anything in Naviance?

A:  Yes, go to your family connection.  Below the area where you have selected the "colleges I'm applying to" is a section that states, "college I am  attending".  It will list all of your colleges from above.  Click the college you have selected and hit update. 

Q:  What is the award ceremony on May 31?  Do we receive invites?  Do I need to attend?

A:  The ceremony on May 31 is a class event & we hope that all will attend, with parents.  No invitations will be sent.  Scholarships will be given, honor cords, academic achievements, & department awards.   Graduates are asked to wear graduation gowns, no hats and line up in commons at 6:30pm

Q:  When is graduation practice?  

A:  Graduation practice will be held just prior to graduation.  All graduates should be in the main gym by 12:15pm.  Find your name on the chairs and have a seat.  Please be prompt.  Graduation is at 2:00pm