2018 Wooster High School Assessment Information

In order to accommodate the state mandated testing, Wooster High School will be using a two-hour delay schedule to administer the various tests that are required by legislation.  The delay schedule will allow the appropriate amount of time needed to test with the ability to have all classes meet on a regular basis.  

Exam sessions will run similar to AP testing as students will be required to come to school at the regular time (8:05) when they have an exam for their specific classes.  Students will only take one test a day, and will only take two tests a week (two sessions covering one subject).  

Any make-ups will be done during the week immediately following the testing session.  

Please remember that these tests are important as students need to attain their Eighteen (18) Graduation points to earn an Ohio Diploma.  

The bussing schedule will continue to run as normal and Career Center students will continue to report to the Career Center as they would on any regular day.  Students that need to ride a bus that are not testing will have opportunities to utilize the library for studying, the commons for study hall, or participate in intramural and other scheduled enrichment activities.  Otherwise, non-testing students will not have to report to the High School until 10:00.    

Please note that Ohio Department of Education practice tests can be found here.  

Other online resources:  

Ohio's State Tests

Ohio Testing Portal 

Two Hour Delay Schedule

Please also refer to the attached testing schedule for specific exam date and student guidelines.