Hydration Challenge 10/15 - 10/28

Fall Hydration Challenge begins MONDAY!
Runs from October 15th - October 28th
It's time for another wellness challenge to kick off the Fall! This challenge is easy and fun and will help you become more aware of your water and other beverage intake over the course of 2 weeks. Starting Monday you will receive a reminder with a hydration newsletter full of tips of get you started! 
You will want to log onto your wellness dashboard to log all of your healthy beverage intake to see how you measure up to the rest of the district and to see if you are getting enough liquid intake through out the day.
What counts as water intake?
Tap Water:
o  To improve the taste of tap water, try adding lemon juice or chilling ahead of time. Chilling tap water makes it readily available, also may enhance its palatability.
Bottled Water:
o  Although bottled water is more expensive, this can be a great alternative if you dislike the taste of tap water or are on-the-go.
Plain Tea and Coffee: 
o  Although these have a mild diuretic effect, studies do not link it to an increased risk of dehydration.Avoid adding sugars or creams to tea and coffee, as these can add empty calories.
Milk & Milk Alternatives:
o  Dairy beverages provide nutrients, such as calcium and vitamin D. Choose fat-free or low-fat varieties, and limit intake or avoid sweetened varieties. Choose unsweetened almond or soy milk.
100% Fruit Juices: 
Limit intake of 100% juice to 8oz daily, but this can also count towards your daily fruit intake. 


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