Wooster High School Remote Learning Schedule

Wooster High School is committed to providing a coherent and accessible learning experience for all our students during our remote learning time. In order to provide a smooth transition, our teams have created remote learning schedules for each grade level as well as our circuit classes.   

Principal Update- Remote Learning 12/11

Principal Update- Remote Learning 11/20

To ensure that all students stay on pace, utilize the following protocols to keep on track:

  • First, students will need to complete Edgenuity assignments and meet their progress goal for classes each day
  • Second, email teachers in G-mail or Edgenuity with questions or concerns. Students will also need to check email each day in both G-mail and/or Edgenuity for updates from teachers. 
  • Third, check Clever (or the cohort’s Google Classroom) for messages, links for Zoom or Google Meet, and guides to help with learning. 
  • Finally, if you would like to talk to teachers directly, check out the grade level schedule to find a specific teacher’s office hours. Office hours are when a teacher is available online at a scheduled time to answer questions or help individuals. These hours are for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

If tech questions arise, check out our technology webpage for help and answers to frequently asked questions.  

If students are looking for extra help, please remember the College of Wooster online tutoring program.  

Remote Learning Schedules

8th Grade

9th Grade

10th Grade

11/12 Grade

Electives and Circuits