WHS COVID-19 Grading/Assessment Procedures, Frequently Asked Questions and Grade Calculator

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Wooster City Schools has adopted alternative grading systems for the second semester of the 2019-2020 school year to meet the needs of our diverse population.

Students will have a choice to elect to take a traditional grade for the semester or to take a Pass/Fail for the second semester.  As students and parents weigh their grading options, the below information and answers to frequently asked questions may be helpful to make an informed decision. 

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Q. How will I get my student receive their survey and when must I return the student survey to the school?

A. Students will receive the link in their Wooster student Google account. They will need to log into their account to complete the survey. Students will need to return the survey by May 8. The link will be on our school website once the form is live.


Q. What if my student doesn’t choose a grading system?

A.  The pass/fail system will be the default. If students do not return their choice, they will receive grades based on the pass/fail option.  


Q. Will choosing the Pass/Fail option affect my student’s GPA?

A. Students who choose the pass/fail option can obtain the credit for the class if they earn a P, however, the quality points and credits will not be calculated into the student’s GPA.


Q. Will students have a semester final? 

A. No, students will not be taking a semester final.  The semester grade will be calculated on a 50/50 quarter points system as adopted by our Board Policy. 


Q. Can students pick which high school classes they want to receive a grade, and choose pass/fail for others?

A. Students choose to acquire a grade for all classes or pass/fail for all classes.  They cannot choose by individual classes.


Q. If the student acquires more quality points, will their GPA be higher?

A. Not necessarily.  The GPA is calculated based upon quality points divided by credits.  A student may have less points, but also less credits. Thus, the GPA could be the same or higher.

See example.


Credits             Points              GPA

Q. Is a student’s GPA calculated on a weighted or unweighted scale?

A. Class rank and GPA for the graduating class of 2020 and 2021 is based upon an unweighted 4.0 grade scale.  The class of 2022 and beyond will be ranked on the decile system (top 10%, 20%, 30% etc.) and GPA will be based upon a weighted 5.0 grade scale. See Policy 5430 below.


Q. How does a student’s CCP class affect the high school transcript and Covid-19 policy?

A. Students will have to follow the individual university policy set forth by the college. By law, the high school transcript must mirror the college transcript. If a student receives a grade for the CCP course, they will receive high school credit and a subsequent high school GPA will be calculated.


Q. Does this mean that any student in a CCP class must also take a grade in all WHS classes?

A. This will be the exception.  The student will have to follow the university’s guidelines for the CCP class, however they can choose to use the grading system or pass/fail option for their WHS classes.  However, the system they choose will apply to all their WHS courses.


Q. Can I change my decision at a later date?

A. No, we cannot retroactively change grades once we have finalized the semester grades for the 2019-2020 school year.


Q. How do I know which system I should choose?

A. This is up to the individual family and student.  The semester grade calculator can be a tool to help make an informed decision.


Q. How can find my cumulative GPA?

A. Students and parents can look up their cumulative GPA by using the student’s report card from the end of the first semester.  Make sure to look at the CUM GPA (Sr. and Jr.) or CUMW GPA (Soph, Frosh, 8th) for the most accurate and up to date GPA.  We will have a video shortly to show where we can find the student GPA.


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