Credit Flexibility

"Simply tinkering with centuries-old education practices will not prepare Ohio's children for success in college, in the workplace, or in life." Governor Strickland

New Emphasis on Learning:Ohio's Plan for Credit Flexibility
Credit Flexibility grants students the opportunity to design and create their own unique learning experiences and demonstrate mastery utilizing a variety of assessment models.
They may
* complete traditional coursework at an accelerated pace.
* test out or otherwise demonstrate mastery of the course content.
* pursue one or more “educational options” (e.g., distance learning, educational travel, independent study, an internship, music, arts, after-school program, community service, or engagement project and sports).

The Wooster City School District is dedicated to helping all students succeed, and credit flexibility is one of many educational options available to achieve that end.

Click HERE to watch the "Did You Know?" video clip (Recommended by the ODE Design Team) 


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