Generals' Online Academy Student Guidelines

The Generals' Academy (GA) offers students and parents flexibility and relevance in learning. Engaging in an online environment takes commitment by students and parents to be successful. Upon entry into the GA, students will have an intake meeting with our Dean of Students and staff members. At this meeting, course selection and expectations for the GA will be discussed. Below are some policies and guidelines students and parents should be aware of prior to entering this program:

Student Expectations:

  • Students are responsible to complete their assigned coursework.
  • Upon acceptance into the GA, students will take a reading and math assessment to assist our staff in working with the family to properly place the student into courses.
  • Students must log in on a regular basis in accordance to their academic plan. Ohio attendance laws will be followed and students who fail to engage may face legal consequences.
  • Students will be required to take Ohio Achievement Assessments, Ohio Graduation Tests, End of Course Exams, ACT, PSAT and other required exams at Wooster High School. Dates and logistics of each exam will be communicated well in advance of the test.
  • Students must be good online citizens and must read and sign the Wooster City School District's Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Students should communicate with their teachers on a regular basis and will have the availability to get personal face-to-face assistance as needed.


Parent/Guardian Expectations:

  • Support your student in an online learning environment.
  • Provide a device and Internet services for the student to learn online. If a device is needed, please let the GA staff know this at the intake and a device will be provided on a lease basis (no charge).
  • Ensure that the student is logging in regularly and engaging in coursework on a regular basis.
  • Provide any documents to the GA staff that may impact their learning plan (IEP, 504, etc..).
  • Attend any meeting necessary with the GA staff and student.


Academic Information:

  • Ohio Graduation Requirements will be a key factor in developing a student's schedule in grades 8-12
  • Students and Parents/Guardians can view a student's academic progress at all times. Upon entry into the program, a passcode will be issued to view grades as needed.
  • Grades will be issued as a student completes a course in the assigned timeline.
Generals Academy Space at Wooster High School