Wooster's Edgewood Middle School Places 5th in National Academic Challenge Tournament

Congratulations to the Academic Challenge team at Edgewood Middle School for their impressive showing in the Middle School Academic Challenge National Tournament on April 30. The team finished in fifth place, which was an improvement over their sixth-place finish in the previous week.

The Edgewood team that competed on April 30 included: Eighth graders Zhade Ellis, Isaac Nikkel and Kyia Wolf; seventh graders Mara French, Liam Harwood, Megan Kleinhenz, Carson Piermarini and Logan Workman; sixth graders Gabe Bosler-Kilmer, Brooklyn Chelakadan, Luci Dean, Sam Heller, Val Nikkel, Ollie Steinman, Aaron Vandegrift and Lila Wright; and fifth graders Annette Hemming, Jill Hostetler, Dane Kuzma and Nick Kakanuru.

The virtual tournament, hosted by Avery Enterprises, was held over Zoom. The students joined a Zoom meeting and had 60 minutes to answer a series of 50 questions plus a tiebreaker, ranging in topics from math to geography to literature, science and more. Students were only permitted to use their brains and paper and pencil, but were permitted to discuss answers if there was disagreement. Eighth grader Kyia Wolf was appointed to record student answers and submit them, all within that same 60 minutes. 

“We are all so proud of the students for doing such a tremendous job in the academic tournament and for spending some of their free time studying extra to compete at the national level,” said Brad Warner, principal of Edgewood Middle School. “Thank you to Linda Rader for working with the students and helping them prepare for the tournament. Congratulations on a job well done!”

The Edgewood Academic Challenge team qualified for the National Academic Quiz Tournaments, LLC, (NAQT) national tournament that was to be held in Chicago this past weekend. However, the tournament was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic effectively ending the team’s season.