Wooster Students Write, Illustrate and Publish Book

Students at Wooster High School recently became published authors after collaborating to create a class book in partnership with Studentreasures Publishing. The publishing company shipped a kit to Erica Lepley's class containing materials needed to create a rough draft of their project. After several days of brainstorming, the students decided to write about the pandemic and the ways their lives have changed during this time period, titling it "The Pandemic." 

Each student wrote about their own personal experiences, opinions and outlook related to COVID-19, with many students focusing their writing on the changes that took place at school and in their homes. Once they completed their writing, the students included an illustration to go along with their pages. Eleven students participated in compiling the book, with each one writing two pages and adding two illustrations. 

“I’m so proud of the work these students have done,” Miss Lepley said. “They challenged themselves and dedicated themselves. We’re grateful for Studentreasures and being able to partner with them. It was such a fun and important learning experience.”

Once the students completed their final copy, the materials were sent back to the publishing company to be converted into the hardcover book. The students enjoyed watching a video sent from Studentreasures that showed the publishing process, and the receipt of the completed project was a highlight of the school year.

“This is a terrific project for our students,” said Wooster High School Principal Tyler Keener. “Miss Lepley has really done a fantastic job of making sure the kids have avenues for expression and putting this book together has been an excellent endeavor for just that.”

Becoming published authors was an invaluable experience and the students voiced that they will always remember this with great pride. Authors of “The Pandemic” are Brandon Barker, Joslin Barker, Isaac Ebie, Elizabeth Frye, Adrian Griffin, Alexander Jeffery, Alexander Johnson, Chelsea Johnson, Joseph Lingenfelter, Brian Smith and Elijah Thorpe.