Wooster Students Compete in Regional/State Writing Competitions

Students from Wooster High School as well as Edgewood Middle School will be participating in upcoming writing competitions. 

Four students from the Creative Writing Club at Wooster High School will take part in the JustWrite Ohio state tournament on May 9. Junior Ella Buzzard will compete in Division 2 for 11th and 12th graders. Competing in Division 1 for ninth and 10th grade will be Sophomores Noah Bosler-Kilmer and Molly Snyder as well as Freshman Ashley Schroer. 

The high school writing competition was supposed to be held at the University of Findlay, but it was converted to a virtual competition because of COVID-19. The virtual competition consists of three rounds of writing, each with their own prompt that will be genre-specific. Each round will be an hourlong, and students will submit their finished story at the end of the hour to a Google Classroom page. Judges will review and score each submission. The top 15 writers in the state will be recognized. 

Seven students from the middle school qualified for the regional Power of the Pen competition. Due to COVID-19, Power of the Pen canceled its state competition and replaced it with a poetry submission competition. The seven regional qualifiers include eighth-graders Alexia Kakanuru, Aubrey Beall, Chloe Bennett, Daniel Proano and Norah Carroll and seventh-graders Maya Tzonev and Lilly Schultz, will submit poems into the revised Power of the Pen competition. The poems will be read by a poet laureate and judged accordingly. Winners will be announced later in the spring.

All of the Wooster students participating in these competitions are mentored by Chelsey Porter. She is the Creative Writing Club advisor/coach, the Power of the Pen coach and an English/reading teacher at Wooster High School.