Wooster Sophomore Awarded #2 Motocross Racer in State of Ohio

(Feb. 12, 2018) – Skyler Topovski, a sophomore at Wooster High School (WHS), was recently named #2 racer in competitive motocross across the state of Ohio by the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) and the Ohio Motocross Association (OMA).

Skyler’s current #2 ranking was based on a series of three different races that were held throughout May-August 2017 at race tracks in Ohio. Skyler’s average score from all the races, which were a part of the AMA Battle for Ohio State Championship, determined his final ranking. Of the 74 competitors, Skyler’s score qualified him for second place, missing the state title by only three points.

In general, motocross racing consists of competitors riding similar-sized dirt bikes for eight one-mile laps around a designated dirt track with jumps and obstacles.

“While continuing to race and improve, Skyler’s goal is to become a state champion and make it to the national competition, and then to move to the professional level,” said Neil Topovski, Skyler’s father. “He started riding a dirt bike at three years old and his love of motocross racing could not be squelched as he grew up. We noticed early on that he possessed an amazing determination to improve his skills and become a fierce competitor.”

Currently, Skyler races all throughout Ohio and in many states throughout the Midwest and East Coast, with the season starting in March and running through November. In the competitions, Skyler races a 2018 Yamaha YZ25OF machine in the 250B and schoolboy classes.

“He is one of the state’s youngest competitors in the 250B class, and he competes against older racers that are well into their 20’s,” said Neil. “At this stage of racing, Skyler is travelling in excess of speeds of 50 m.p.h. on a dirt bike and jumping while airborne, covering a distance of over 100 ft. in some cases. If you stop to imagine two semi-trucks parked end to end, Skyler covers that distance while travelling 15 ft. in the air.”

Skyler trains five days a week and even broke the longstanding freshman bench press record set by WHS football standout and Ohio State University football player Joe Gantz.

“My wife, Dawn, and I are very proud of Skyler and all that he has accomplished,” said Neil. “He continues to balance school, training and competing and he has a great support team backing him. When he sets his mind to something, he works hard to achieve it. The sky is the limit, and we look forward to the ride.”

Skyler’s impressive work ethic has led him to seek professional motocross training at Milsaps Training Facility in Georgia and Club MX in South Carolina. He also trains regularly at the indoor track in Sheffield Lake, Ohio, and in southern Ohio with his motocross friends.

“Skyler has worked very hard in achieving his goal as a premier motocross athlete,” said Principal Tyler Keener. “We congratulate him on his accomplishment and wish him continued success in the future.”