Wooster High School Excited to Debut New Marching Band Uniforms

The Wooster High School Marching Band will start the 2020-2021 school year off on a high note with the debut of its new uniforms. This is the first time in more than 28 years that the band has had new uniforms. The band hopes to show off the new look during the high school football season.

The Wooster Music Parents Association completely funded the purchase of the 225 new uniforms for the marching band with money saved through fundraisers and the concession stand at the school’s football games. The uniform package cost is approximately $120,000. The funds necessary to purchase the uniforms were raised as a result of almost three decades of planning and saving on behalf of the Wooster Music Parents as well as the generous support of our community. There was no taxpayer money used for the new uniforms.

A committee of parents, directors and administrators designed the new uniforms. They wanted to update the look while keeping the traditional military, “Big 10” look. Fans of the Wooster High School Marching Band will notice one big change with the new uniform design – the color. The uniforms are now royal blue instead of navy to match the school’s brand identity. 

“We felt like it was time to match the district’s branding with these uniforms that we hope will be around for another 30 years,” said Craig D. French, director of bands and orchestra at Wooster High School. “You’ll notice that there are some navy trim pieces on them at the end of the sleeves and the collar and that is a tip of the cap to the history of the uniform.”

The new uniforms have two looks to them, which is a very unique aspect to the uniforms and to Wooster. It has a blue front and a white front that overlap. The blue front is a military bar front while the white has the Wooster General logo. Traditionally, the band marches in the more formal military look then switches to the white front for halftime.  

The Wooster Music Parents Association is a nonprofit organization that aids in fundraising activities for uniforms, equipment, educational travel, supplies and other needed items. The nonprofit is comprised of parents of students involved in marching band, orchestra and choir.