Wooster City Schools Announces Staffing Updates

Several staffing updates are taking place at the Wooster City School District central office and amongst administration staff. 

Wooster High School Principal Dr. John Deuber made the decision to retire at the end of this calendar year. Eric Vizzo will temporarily take on the role of WHS interim principal for the spring semester. Vizzo has served as principal at Cornerstone for 11 years and will return to this role following his temporary appointment at WHS. To fill his vacancy, Brittany Grimshaw will temporarily transition from her role of Cornerstone administrative intern to interim principal. She, too, will return to her previous position after the spring semester.  To provide support for the students and staff at Cornerstone this spring, Jeff Spitler, high school intervention specialist, will move down to Cornerstone to provide student management support as an Interim Dean of Students. Jeff will return to his classroom next school year.

Sara Crooks, previously one of two associate principals at WHS, recently transitioned to the role of curriculum coordinator. In her new position, Crooks will focus her efforts on grades 5-12 curriculum, with additional attention given to testing and data analysis. 

Joe Rubino, who previously served as the Wooster athletic director, will fill Crooks’ vacated role for the remainder of the 2021-2022 school year, with Alex Mallue replacing him as the interim athletic director. The WHS associate principal and athletic director roles will be posted for permanent replacements in the spring. 

Additionally, Laurie Sizemore started in her position as the interim transportation supervisor on Dec. 1 and has been working half days before she transitions to full-time on Jan. 3. 

These new appointments have been made in an effort to proactively address current staffing needs. Searches for full-time replacements for vacated roles will commence in the coming months. 

“I recognize that we have had more change this school year than is typical,” said Gabe Tudor, Wooster City Schools superintendent. “I am thankful that we have people in our district that are capable and willing to help us meet the needs of our students so we can finish the school year strong.”

For more information regarding the Wooster City School District, please visit www.woostercityschools.org.