WHS Newspaper Recognized as a Gold Medalist from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association

(Oct. 15, 2019) – The Wooster High School student-run newspaper, The Wooster Blade, was recognized as a gold medalist by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA) for its 2018-2019 publications. 

“For the newspaper staff, the gold medalist award is truly an honor and an achievement as it validates the hard work, talent and time it takes to create, publish and distribute a biweekly newspaper,” said Kristi Hiner, faculty adviser for The Wooster Blade and Wooster High School English/media teacher. “The students earned this recognition because they take their work seriously and also because they truly have a passion for creating and investing time in making their publication the best newspaper that they are able to produce.”

Each year, student newspapers, magazines, yearbooks or online media are able to submit up to six issues or hyperlinks to the Association's Medalist Critique. Submissions are judged based on a written set of standards based on three categories: essentials, verbal and visual. An adviser-judge analyzes the publication’s strengths and weakness and issues scores for each category. Publications with scores ranging from 800-1000 receive the gold medalist award, those with scores from 600-799 points receive the silver medalist award; and those with scores of 599 points or below receive the bronze medalist award.

The Wooster Blade was commended for its strength of coverage and broad range of topics. This is the 18th time the student newspaper has received the gold medalist award from the CSPA.

“To receive this honor 18 times is a true testament to the history and culture of excellence embedded within this program,” said Wooster City School District Superintendent Dr. Michael Tefs. “Publishing a biweekly newspaper is incredibly hands-on and represents the project-based competencies needed for today’s high school graduates.”