Master Planning Survey

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WCS Community Members:


Since the May election, the WCS board and superintendent have been evaluating the results and developing a plan for re-engagement with our community.  After the May election, the district recognized it would be necessary to take a step back and re-engage the community to develop a revised master plan.  The Master Planning Committee met once over the summer in July.  The committee conversation encompassed a thank you from the district for their work on creating the original plan, evaluating the election results, and discussing the need for re-engagement.  No facility plans or revisions were made during that meeting.  


In the past few weeks, there has been communication regarding Master Planning Town Halls as a part of our effort to re-engage the community.  The timing of the master planning re-engagement is purposeful.  After the levy failed, we wanted time to analyze results and ensure a successful start to the new school year.  Now that families are settled and the summer hustle is over, it is the right time to connect with the community and start over.  


The purpose of the Town Halls and Master Planning Survey is to gather feedback from the community so that we can begin to understand how to revise the master facilities plan in a way that will address our building and instructional needs that meet the desires and expectations of our community.  In summary, we have a clean slate and are ready to embark on a new plan with the community.


The format of the town halls, facilitated by Mr. Tudor, will be conducted as follows:

* Explanation of purpose for the re-engagement process

* Presentation of items that should be addressed in the Master Planning process

* Comments and questions from participants

* We will devote an area on our website to share Town Hall results for those who cannot attend. 


We  look forward to working with the community to develop a plan that will ensure the success of our students and community for many years to come.