Local Author Donates Books to Students at Wooster's Edgewood Middle School

Local author, Ronald Holtman, recently published his latest book, Jack’s Rules. It is currently available on Amazon. He is donating a number of copies to students and faculty at Wooster’s Edgewood Middle School.

Earlier this year, 17 students and five teachers from Edgewood Middle School had the opportunity to provide Holtman feedback on the novel. Each member of the author’s focus group will receive a free copy of the book from Holtman. 

“It was such a great experience for our teachers and especially our students to have a chance to shape the plot of Ron’s story, and now they get to see the final, published version, which is incredibly cool,” said Mike Sexton, language arts teacher, Edgewood Middle School. “We are so thankful to Ron for this opportunity and for his generous donation. The book is great and definitely worth a read, too!”

Jack’s Rules is written in a two-point perspective, from a homeless brother and sister. In the book, they go from living with their mother in a shelter to finding temporary housing with a kind man named Jack. The novel touches on many themes of social justice, but in a way that is appropriate for junior high students. The characters struggle with feelings of self-worth, bullying, abuse and neglect. Jack helps to coach them as their family works to find stability.

“Congratulations to Mr. Holtman on his latest published work!” said Richard Leone, director of secondary education. “We are extremely grateful for the opportunity he gave to our middle-schoolers. To be able to see a novel from early stages to final press and to be a part of that, is such a memorable experience for our students.”