Four Edgewood Middle School Students Receive All-American Kid Awards

Four of Wooster City School District’s Edgewood Middle School students have been awarded Main Street Wooster’s All-American Kid award.

Edgewood Middle School winners were: Sam Carroll, Grace Chelf, Jhon Fajardo and Mikinley Followay.

“We are so proud of these four students,” said Edgewood Middle School Principal Dean Frank. “They demonstrate leadership qualities both in and out of the classroom, setting a positive example for their peers. Whether it’s making a new student feel welcome in our district or contributing to classroom discussions, these students go above and beyond to help make our school a great learning environment.”

Students are nominated by teachers in the following categories: art/humanities, science/social studies, athletics, citizenship or special kids. Special kids are students who put forth their best effort in every circumstance. Carroll and Fajardo were recognized in the science/social studies category. Chelf and Followay were recognized in the citizenship category.

To nominate a student, a teacher must submit a nomination form to Main Street Wooster explaining why a student deserves the award and a specific example of the student’s behavior.

Main Street Wooster reviews the nominations and selects 20 of the most deserving students within the tri-county area schools, including Ashland, Wayne and West Holmes counties.

“Congratulations to the four award winners and their families,” said Superintendent Dr. Michael Tefs. “It is an honor to have such outstanding students represent our district. We know that they will continue to achieve academically and make a positive impact on their peers, their school and the entire community.”

All-American award winners will be recognized during a special “Kid’s Day” ceremony on Saturday, June 3, in the Wayne County Public Library parking lot. They will also receive a $25 visa gift card.