Donated (Class of 1946) Basketball Clock Restored

Andy Kellar, Athletic Director and Michael James, Custodial Supervisor, recently discovered and restored a basketball score clock that was originally donated by the Wooster Class of 1946. The clock has been fully repaired and will be displayed in Wooster High School.

“We had no idea this clock even existed,” Kellar said. “I found it when the school system was preparing to sell the Wayne Elementary School and decided to rescue it. It was used to keep score during basketball games at the original Wooster High School.  Mr. James restored it so that it displays the time digitally and in analog. He really surprised us.  I’ve restored a lot of furniture in my time, but what Mr. James did with this clock is nothing short of amazing.”

Using LED lights and a GPS system to maintain the time, James programmed the clock to display military time where it previously displayed the score of a game. This way, at the end of every hour, the Home team appears to be winning. However, even with all the upgrades, James kept the clock looking like it did in 1946.

“It is fantastic that, thanks to Mr. Kellar and Mr. James, we will be able to use this piece of Wooster history,” said Superintendent Dr. Michael Tefs. “Now, instead of collecting dust somewhere in the basement, the clock will be proudly displayed where the public, staff and students can enjoy it.  These two really went well above and beyond for our school and community.”