School Closure FAQ

Question: When will report cards be accessible in Progress Book?

Answer: Report cards/grades will be accessible in Progress Book by June 12.

Question: I ordered year books and spirit wear for both of my kids when will we be getting these items?

Answer: Yearbooks for the 4 elementary buildings and Edgewood Middle School will be distributed May 20-22 during the student item pickup days. The Wooster High School yearbook is produced during the summer and will be distributed during the fall. The Athletic Department is organizing pickups for Spirit Wear so that we can get it out ASAP.  We will facilitate this by contacting families directly once their items have arrived to us. Many Spirit Wear items have yet to be produced by our vendors during the crisis.  As they are produced and delivered, families will be contacted to arrange pickup.

Question: We paid the Pay-to-Participate fee for tennis. Will these funds be returned or will they be applied to other fees?

Answer: We will be returning funds. Our goal is to have this completed by June 30.

Question: The principal in a recent video announcement stated that interim grades at the high school will be only "satisfactory" or "unsatisfactory." I am wondering about FINAL grades. Will grades be on a pass/fail system or will there be letter grades? If we now have a pass/fail system, what is the criterion for a passing grade? if we still have a letter grade system, what is the reasoning behind having pass/fail interim grades?

Answer: Documents outlining how grading will be conducted for grades Pre-K to 12 are available by clicking here.

Question(s): 1. Will students have to turn in the (non-electronic) work that they are completing at home right now? 2. How will students be evaluated for this academic year? 3. How will promotion to the next grade be handled at the elementary level? Secondary level? 4. Now that schools are closed for the remainder of the year, how do families get students' belongings from the school buildings?

Answer(s): 1. This is determined by the individual teacher. Students and parents with questions about how/when to turn in assignments should contact the classroom teacher directly. 2. Documents outlining how grading will be conducted for grades Pre-K to 12 are available by clicking here.  3. Promotion decisions will be made based on student's progress towards the standards prior to the school closure. 4. If your student needs an item prior to June 1 please contact the building principal. If items can wait, an opportunity for families to pick up their child's items is being scheduled for the last week of May and will be communicated as soon as it is finalized.

Question: What is the financial status of the district, now and going forward? What savings (if any) are being realized during closure? What new costs are there? How can members of the public help, now and particularly in the fall?

Answer: The district will close the school budget year on June 30 and have a better idea of financial status and any savings or costs related to the school closure after July 1. Help opportunities will be determined at a later time once the details of the 2020-2021 school year are determined.

Question: Has there been any discussion concerning when the students will return to their classrooms? 

Answer: The Governor has closed schools for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. Decisions about the start of 2020-2021 school year will be made as the State of Ohio and Governor's Office provide guidance to school districts about the status of the pandemic and allowances for school to resume.

Question: How will we support our students who are transitioning from grade 4 to grade 5 into Edgewood Middle School? 

Answer: Our teachers, guidance counselors and principals are continuing to plan for school visits, meetings and activities to support the transition to Edgewood Middle School. 

Question: If school does not resume for the rest of the year will the students be able to come in and clean out lockers at the high school and desks at the elementary schools? When will we know end-of-year grades? And how will we move forward for moving up a grade the following year? 

Answer: If your student needs an item prior to May 20 please contact the building principal. Details and dates for student pickup of personal items and return of school book and devices can be found here: End of Year Check-out In terms of grades and promotion, students and families will receive report cards after the school year has ended and are viewable in ProgressBook on June 1st. Promotion decisions will be made based on student's progress towards the standards prior to the school closure. 

Question: How will open enrollment work this year? Will there be a way to submit the form online? 

Answer: Our open enrollment process begins on May 1 and continues through June 30. An online application form will be available beginning May 1. Full Details can be found here:

Question: My family does not have a computer or Internet access. Can we check one out?

Answer: Details about checkout and Tech Support can be found on the Computer Checkout page. Families with students in grades K-12, and also college-aged students, may contact MCTV at 330-833-4134 for details concerning their free internet program that is available through April 30.

Question: Will high school teachers have times during the week for a video chat with their classes or something like that? I feel like a lot of people would really like that.

Answer: Not all teachers will be using video chats as part of their virtual learning curriculum. However, if there are tools that students are enjoying during this time we encourage them to reach out to their teachers to share ideas about what is working/not working. Our Technology Resource Teachers are working to support the use of these tools and will be happy to help teachers who want to incorporate them.

Question: My son left some items in his locker that he needs. Will the buildings be open at any time for students to get needed books, etc.?

Answer: Details and dates for student pickup of personal items and return of school book and devices can be found here: End of Year Check-out If your student needs an item prior to May 20th, please contact the building principal.

Question: I just moved to Wooster. How do I enroll my children and when can they start in Wooster City Schools? 

Answer: To enroll a new student please complete the following steps. Step 1 - Complete and submit the online forms (Final Forms) located on the WCSD website under Parent/Registration. Step 2 - A building registrar will reach out to the parent/guardian to welcome you and discuss the enrollment process and answer any questions you may have. A records release and free/reduced lunch application will be emailed to the parent/guardian to sign and return by email or regular mail, if no scanner is available. Step 3 - Copies of birth certificate, social security card, proof of residency, immunizations, custody documents (if applicable) and a copy of your child's IEP or 504 Plan (if applicable) will need to be scanned, faxed or mailed to 144 N. Market Street, Wooster, Ohio 44691. Step 4 - A building principal, secretary or guidance counselor will reach out to the parent/guardian to discuss a class assignment, schedule and give further educational instructions. Please contact Jill Ackerman at or at 330-988-1111, ext 1241, with any questions or concerns. Welcome to Wooster City Schools!


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