School Closing Information


As winter weather approaches, the Wooster City School District presents a Q & A communication to help clarify the process and procedures of calamity days.

The Wooster City School District has released information to help give clarity to the district’s procedures regarding calamity days. The purpose of the communication is to offer answers to frequently asked questions and to remove any uncertainty regarding the district’s calamity day procedures.


Question: How many calamity days are districts allowed this year?

Answer: The Board of Education has allotted four (4) calamity days. Five (5) or more school closures will be rescheduled and made-up.


Question: When is the decision to delay or cancel school made?

Answer: As early as possible. Usually, the decision to delay or cancel school will be made no later than 6:00 a.m.  In some cases, the decision may be made the night before, if weather conditions warrant. It is difficult to make decisions to delay or cancel school based upon a forecast alone. Consequently, decisions are predominantly made between 5:15 – 5:45 AM. 


Question: How is Wind Chill Measured?

Answer: School will be delayed or closed when frost bite can occur in 30 minutes or less.  Click here for the wind chill chart.

Example: When the temperature is 15°F and the wind speed is 30 miles per hour, the wind chill, or how cold it feels, is -5°F.

The chart was designed by the National Weather Service to accurately calculate how cold air feels on human skin. 

The chart also includes a frostbite indicator, showing the points where temperature, wind speed and exposure time will produce frostbite. Each of the three shaded areas show how long a person can be exposed before frostbite develops.

Example: A temperature of 0°F and a wind speed of 15 mph will produce a wind chill temperature of -19°F. Under these conditions, exposed skin can freeze in 30 minutes.


Be Smart About Wind Chill

Practice outdoor safety by:

  • Dressing for cold weather! Wear layers of loose-fitting, warm clothing as the layers will trap air and provide insulation. Always wear a hat and gloves.


Question: What source does the school system use for weather updates and forecasts?

Answer: The school system's primary source is WeatherBug®. This weather station sits on top of Wooster High School, providing the most accurate weather information for Wooster, Ohio.


Question: Where should parents check to see if school is canceled or delayed?

Answer: As soon as a decision is made, the information will appear, almost immediately, on:

  • Twitter Feed (@WoosterCSD)
  • Facebook (Wooster City School District)
  • Cleveland television stations 3, 5, 8
  • Wooster Radio (104.5 FM)
  • Telephone calls/texts via the district’s emergency and parent notification system


Question: Is it possible school could be delayed due to weather?

Answer: Yes. The district may implement a one or two-hour delay, depending upon weather conditions. It is important for parents to know that if a delay is announced, they need to continue to check the media and website for updated information. In scenarios where, for example, power does not get restored, a fog does not lift, or road conditions do not improve, delays may turn into closures. In the event of a delay, communication systems detailed above will be used.


Question: If the start of a school day must be delayed, how will the day run?

Answer: Whenever there is a delay due to inclement weather, the district's bus and school start time schedule will be pushed back the exact time of the actual delay from normal times. In the event of a two-hour delay:

  • AM preschool will be canceled
  • PM preschool bus routes will run at their normal times
  •  PM preschool students will attend class at the normal time


Question: If school is delayed, what happens to scheduled extracurricular activities?

Answer: Extracurricular activities will proceed as scheduled. If the district delays the start of school, please stay tuned to the communication systems detailed above. 

  • The weather situation for an opponent is always evaluated.


Question: If school is canceled, what happens to scheduled extracurricular activities?

Answer: If school is canceled because of inclement weather, there will be no practices or games at the middle school or freshman levels. No varsity practices will take place until after 1:00 p.m., contingent upon weather conditions and the forecast for the remainder of the day. Varsity coaches and the athletic director are responsible for the decision regarding practices. Decisions about varsity and junior varsity games on calamity days will be made in collaboration with the athletic directors and principals of the schools involved. Saturday extracurricular events also have the potential to be impacted by weather. If we must cancel Saturday events, this information will be announced on the communication systems detailed above.

Student safety is our number one priority and, in the event of inclement weather, we work quite strategically and diligently to keep our families and students well-informed of the decisions made to keep students safe by canceling or delaying classes.

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