COVID-19 Recovery Plan

Please click on the icon below to view the Wooster COVID-19 Education Recovery Plan

Committee Members
Central Office

Dr. Michael Tefs, Superintendent
Bonnie West, Treasurer

Karen Arbogast, Dir. of Elementary Education
Richard Leone, Dir. of Secondary Education
Heidi Haas, Director of Student Services
Rebecca Furlong, Director of Technology
Joe Rubino, Athletic Director
Diane Lepley, Administrative Assistant

Wooster High School

Tyler Keener, WHS Principal
Sara Crooks, WHS Assoc. Principal
Julianna Hamad, WHS Guidance
Scott Miller, Social Studies
Eric Heller, Science
Alicia Hawkins, Intervention Specialist
Geno Raseta, Social Studies
Alex Garey, Technology Resource

Edgewood Middle School

Brad Warner, Edgewood Principal
Bridget Frantz, 7th Grade Math
Meghan Neidig, 5th Grade ELA
Jim Figley, 6th Grade Science

Elementary Schools

Cornerstone Elementary School

Eric Vizzo, Cornerstone Principal
Joni Hiller, Grade 3 
Lexi Pacheco, Grade 3

Kean Elementary School

Molly Richard, Kean Principal
Morgan Thomas, Kean Lit. Coach
Kaley Egli, Elementary Guidance
Clay Price, 2nd Grade Teacher

Melrose Elementary School

Kaylee Harrell, Melrose Principal
Sandy Gasser, Grade 1
Abby Roscoe, Kindergarten

Parkview Elementary

Steve Furlong, Parkview Principal
Holly Dietry, Grade 2
Becky Cornelius, Grade 4

Supporting Members

Transportation/Food Service

Vic Cole, Transportation Coordinator
Sherri Prindle, Assist. Coordinator
Don Lewis, Food Service Coordinator
Kelley Connock, Driver

Board of Education

L. Sue Herman, BOE President

Medical Consultants

Michele Wilmoth, Akron Children's Hospital

Laura Zollinger, Akron Children's Hospital
Dr. Robert Leininger, Wooster Hospital